Best Tools to Utilize for Your Digital Marketing Tasks in 2022

As part of the global economic recovery efforts, digital marketing services are to grow exponentially by 2022. As companies have slowly implemented agile marketing and operational measures to bounce back from the pandemic, modern digital marketing has evolved recently at the front and center. Mainly, ecommerce SEO (search engine optimization) tactics have played a vital role in the exposure of startup businesses and online stores as they transitioned from a brick-and-mortar setup into a virtual one. This article will help deep dive into the recommended tools to utilize to make your digital marketing efforts worthwhile for 2022.

Customer relationship management tools

Customer relationship management (CRM) tools like online review management software integrated into a platform assist in performing various marketing and sales-generating tasks such as customer relations, review management and lead nurturing campaigns. An efficient CRM platform would serve as a nerve center in all things sales and marketing. A prominent example is the online reputation management software, Rize. Rize Reviews can be integrated into many businesses, from small startups to franchise models and the medical field. Essentially, they are a team of professionals who can generate positive feedback and attract customers for your business by utilizing white hat SEO programs and tactics.

On the other hand, CRM tools also perform brand-building through inbound marketing techniques like content creation and email marketing automation. In addition, these tools can also collate and analyze pertinent data for future digital marketing strategies. Hubspot and Zoho are small business marketing tools that focus on CRM efforts. 

Omnichannel marketing: social media

To this day, social media remains a robust digital marketing channel and tool. In addition, it is here to stay for 2022. Essentially, digital marketing programs for your business must be active and dynamic in Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, Pinterest, etc. Social media tools like Hootsuite, Buffer and Sprout Social can regularly post and manage your social media presence. Remarkably, they help carry out scheduled posts and strategically queue a steady stream of content for your business. Therefore, securing activity, relevance, and establishing the authority of the brand in social media.  Social media management tools can be a worthwhile business partner in growing your following, organizing sales leads, communicating your brand and promotions, and conducting A/B testing for all your marketing efforts.

Content marketing tools

Content is a potent digital marketing tool. Content marketing covers various activities from SEO, copywriting and blogging, vlogging, social media to user-generated videos (TikTok) and podcasting. The content you share and put out there will largely depend on products, services, and brand values concerning your brand’s target audience and digital marketing platform. In line with this, it is crucial to power your content with supplementary tools to develop and publish content that tailor fits your brand. On top of content regulation, content marketing tools can also help in website design and development. For example, WordPress and Canva are drag-and-drop design studios that can assist business owners in creating websites and content.

Artificial intelligence and analytics tools

The cross between data science and digital marketing yields artificial intelligence (AI) analytics as practical marketing tools for your brand. Data generation and insights extracted by these digital marketing tools will still be at large by 2022. AI-powered analytics software can dissect marketing efforts working for you, target new customers, fine-tune marketing messages and content, and generate traffic to your website. Google Analytics, CrazyEgg, and BuzzSumo are the big players in the analytics sphere that can churn data and insights into compelling content and marketing strategies.

SEO tools

Excellent SEO is finding your business on the top rankings of Google searches. Frequently, customers ask Google for things they want, need, and crave. With this, it is crucial to integrate SEO tools into your marketing plans and strategies for 2022. SEO tools can identify keywords that work for your brand, identify opportunities to improve rankings, benchmark SEO against the competition, and analyze data. Prominent SEO marketing tools that are likewise AI-powered are MarketMuse, MOZ, and SEMRush.


The global pandemic has taught us many things. First, marketing efforts must integrate agile measures to adapt to these dynamic times quickly. On top of being agile, due diligence is equally essential for marketers and business owners to stay ahead of the competition. Digital marketing is the future, and omnichannel marketing is the best route for brand visibility, relevance, and authority. 

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